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Giftvouchers and promo-codes

Tennisdiscount uses giftvouchers and promo-codes.


Giftvouchers can be used in one of our shops in Amsterdam or Hilversum, or here in our webshop. You can combine multiple vouchers on a single order, and there is no due-date to the vouchers. You can not exchange vouchers for cash.

Vouchers can be activated in step 2 of the order-procedure (2. check your order) by entering your code(s). Credit of multiple vouchers entered will be added up.

Next, choose how you would like to pay the remaining amount, if any. You will also see on which code the remaining credit will be registered.


Promo-codes are only valid in our webshop, and can not be combined with other actions or vouchers.

Activation of your promocode can - as for vouchers - be done in step 2 of the orderprocedure, or by using the 'promocode'-button in the upper menu. (not on mobile devices).